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May 16, 2018

The State of Immigration Enforcement
By Alex Nowrasteh

ERO administrative arrests are up more than removals (Figure 1) and interior criminal removals Trump’s administration is trying to increase the number of deportations but an arrest is merely the first part of a long legal process with serious delays. The first is the roughly 692,000 cases delayed in immigration court. In 2018, the average immigration case is pending 718 days before a decision—a month and a half longer than in 2016. The Trump administration’s insistence on prosecuting all illegal border crossers is making the situation worse despite other efforts to streamline removals. Immigrants have more due process rights than ever before and many of them are not Mexican so it takes longer to remove people from the United States, a delay that is reflected in the immigration court backlogs......[Citing TRAC data and reports].

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