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American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Minnesota
March 27, 2017

Letter to Minnesota Sheriffs and Police Chiefs about the costs and risks of local law enforcement agenciesí involvement in federal immigration enforcement
By Teresa Nelson and Jeff B. Gordon

Immigration enforcement does not advance local priorities because it so often targets individuals who pose no threat to public safety. You know that to protect and serve the public, you need cooperation from local communities. Local residents serve as witnesses, report crime,and otherwise assist law enforcement. Police officers and sheriffs who are perceived as facilitators of deportation have a hard time getting the cooperation they need. For example, survivors of domestic violence refrain from reporting offenses and individuals with information about burglaries fail to contact the police. These outcomes are not limited to the undocumented population. Many undocumented immigrants have US-citizen spouses and children. And because ICE enforcement often victimizes citizens and immigrants with legal status, their views toward local officials can sour as well

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