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University of California, Riverside, University of Michigan, and University of California Irvine
February 2017

Cautious Citizenship: The Deterring Effect of Immigration Issue Salience on Health Care Use and Bureaucratic Interactions Among Latino U.S. Citizens
By Francisco I. Pedraza, Vanessa C. Nichols, and Alana M. W. LeBron

Fueling criticism of interior-oriented immigration enforcement programs is evidence of racial profiling by local police who identify and detain Latino U.S. citizens, as well as persons without criminal records (Kohli and Chavez, 2013;PBS, 2011). In addition to bringing immigration authorities closer to their day-to-day life, interior operations are salient to Latinos because immigrants from Latin American countries represent 96 percent of deportations from the U.S. since 2010......[Citing TRAC research].

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