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Angela Camarena, Plaintiff, v. Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance,Inc.., Defendant. No. 15 C 00656. United States District Court, N.D. Illinois, Eastern Division.
July 1, 2015

Memorandum Opinion and Order

Docket congestion and likely speed to trial is a neutral consideration here. Vanderbilt argues that the Eastern District of Tennessee is less congested, pointing out that in the year ending in September 2014, there were 286 civil cases filed there per judge versus 473 in this District. R. 24, Def.'s Br. at 12 (citing Federal Court Management Statistics). Camarena does not contest this statistic but, as she points out, Pl.'s Resp. Br. at 9-10, these raw totals are somewhat misleading. According to one "weighting" system that compares dockets across federal district courts by adjusting for the varying complexity of cases, the combined caseload per fulltime judge in the Eastern District of Tennessee was 461 versus 389 in this District for the one-year period ending June 2014......[Citing TRAC research].

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