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The Austin Chronicle
September 19, 2014

S-Comm "Roll Calls" Raise New Questions
By Tony Cantú

According to the Transactional Rec­ords Access Clearinghouse based at Syra­cuse University, 73% of those deported from Travis County had no convictions at the time of deportation. TRAC is continuing to analyze the data to determine how many of those actually deported by ICE had been charged with only misdemeanors. TRAC analysts say they gather their data not based on the sheriff's reckoning of who's in his jail during the daily 7:10am roll calls – but verifiable data received directly from ICE. "The data are from ICE's internal database systems that record each detainer ICE issued, where the detainer is sent, and the most serious conviction for the individual involved at the time the data was furnished to TRAC," wrote TRAC co-director Susan B. Long, an associate professor of managerial statistics at Syracuse University.

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Syracuse University
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