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The Inquisitorial Advantage in Removal Proceedings
By Wan Kidane

Unrepresented and confused,the typical immigrant does not know his role in the tripartite adversarial trial. During a master calendar hearing,for example, he is likely to understand the first two questions but nothing more. The typical questions are as follows: "You are not a United States citizen. Do you admit or deny?" Fair enough-the immigrant admits it. Second, "You are a national of country X." Again, the immigrant easily comprehends and admits the charge. But this is typically the limit of his comprehension. The next question may be: "You are removable under INA 237(a)(1)(A) as an alien inadmissible at the time of entry.' Do you admit or deny?" In most likelihood, this will be incomprehensible to the immigrant. He may request translation into his native language, but the translation of the words alone is not helpful.......[citing TRAC research].

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