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The University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law
August 2013

Arizona Legal Studies Discussion Paper No. 13-38: Victims or Criminals? Discretion, Sorting, and Bureaucratic Culture in the U.S. Immigration System.
By Nina Rabin

After the creation of ICE, the number of total removals escalated dramatically. Specifically, in the decade before 2001, there were 1.6 million removals. In the next ten years, there were 2.3 million. The agency’s failure to embrace the prosecutorial discretion initiative comes through not just in these public statements and positions, but also in the statistics reflecting the program’s tepid implementation. In June 2012, seven months into the review, ICE released data indicating that less than two percent of all pending deportation cases had been closed due to prosecutorial discretion......[citing TRAC research].

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