About TRAC Detail Reports

Detail reports are available for prosecutions filed and for convictions. Since they deal with cases which have not yet been completed, reports on prosecutions filed naturally tend to contain less data than conviction reports. This difference is reflected in the relative costs for the two reports.

  • Prosecutions Filed
  • The prosecution report provides information about the prosecutions filed in a given month. The report contains a separate section for the prosecution of each defendant, and all prosecutions are counted whether the proceeding is before a judge or magistrate. Note that this is a broader definition than that used by the Justice Department to define a "case."

    Sample Prosecution Report

  • Convictions
  • The conviction report provides information about defendants who were convicted in a given month. Because it takes time to process a case, a conviction will generally occur in a later month than when the corresponding prosecution was first filed.

    Sample Convictions Report

Note: individual defendant names and court docket numbers are now being withheld by the U.S. Government. TRAC is currently contesting this action in court.