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Number of Noncitizens ICE Sought To Remove Who Were Allowed To Remain In U.S.
through Jan 2023

Figure 1. Individuals allowed to stay, FY1998-FY2023
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Figure 1 shows the number of Immigration Judge determinations on ICE removal requests that allowed the individual to remain in this country, at least temporarily. Actions that close a case in one Immigration Court in order to transfer it to an Immigration Court in another city, as well as changes in venue, are not treated as closures.

Examples of reasons why an individual may be allowed to remain in the country include situations where the judge finds the charges against the individual are not sustained (or the government requests that the charges be dropped), as well as where the judge finds other provisions in the immigration law entitle the individual "relief" from removal. A person also may be allowed to remain because the government requests that the case be administratively closed. These numbers include Immigration Court cases closed through the exercise of ICE's prosecutorial discretion.

Figure 2. Percent of Individuals Allowed to Stay, by State
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The ten states with the highest proportion of cases allowing individuals to remain in the country during the current fiscal years are shown in Figure 2.

Use the web-query tool to obtain similar information by state, Immigration Court, hearing locations, and nationality.

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