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ICE Targeting: Odds Noncitizens Ordered Deported by Immigration Judge
through Jan 2023

Figure 1. Percent of Individuals Ordered Deported in Immigration Judge Decisions, FY1998-FY2023
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Figure 1 shows the proportion of Immigration Judge determinations ordering noncitizens deported. In the remainder of the proceedings the individual was allowed to remain in the United States, at least temporarily. Actions that close a case in one Immigration Court in order to transfer it to an Immigration Court in another city, as well as changes in venue, are excluded from these statistics.

Figure 2. Percent of Individuals Ordered Deported, by State
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The ten states with the highest proportion of cases resulting in deportation orders during the current fiscal year are shown in Figure 2.

Use the web-query tool to obtain similar information by state, Immigration Court, hearing location, nationality, and fiscal year.

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