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New Filings Seeking Removal Orders in Immigration Courts through February 2022

Figure 1. Number of Deportation Proceedings, FY1992-FY2022
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Figure 1 shows new filings in Immigration Courts for the country as a whole by fiscal year. Counts are based upon each new government filing that begins a deportation proceeding, and dates are based upon the initial filing date.

To eliminate double counting, subsequent court proceedings based upon the same charging document are excluded. Thus, these counts differ from those for "new proceedings received" since the Immigration Courts frequently open a new numbered proceeding when a case is transferred or venue is changed, a case is remanded back to the court following an appeal, or a proceeding is reopened at the request of either party. Also, only deportation proceedings are included, i.e., those in which DHS files a "Notice to Appear."

Figure 2. Deportation Proceedings by Nationality, FY2022
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Figure 2 shows national deportation proceedings for the top ten nationalities during the current fiscal year which starts in September and ends in October of the following year.

Use the web-query tool to obtain similar information by state, Immigration Court, hearing location, nationality and fiscal year.

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