All Agencies, Latest Month All Agencies, Current FY Geographic Distribution
of Convictions for
All Agencies, FY 2023
5,367 Prosecutions
in July 2023
78,072 Prosecutions
in Fiscal Year 2023
6,921 Convictions
in July 2023
71,437 Convictions
in Fiscal Year 2023


    16 USC Sec. 45


    Sec. 45a. Sequoia National Park; revision of boundaries
    Sec. 45a-1. Addition of lands authorized
    Sec. 45a-2. Exchange of certain lands for lands conveyed to United
    Sec. 45a-3. Repealed.
    Sec. 45b. Rules and regulations; leases; fish and game
    Sec. 45c. Prior claims, locations, and entries; permits for use of
natural resources
    Sec. 45d. Exclusive privileges within park prohibited
    Sec. 45e. Violations of park regulations; penalty
    Sec. 45f. Mineral King Valley addition authorized
    Sec. 45g. Addition to Sequoia National Park
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