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Auxiliary Table. Types of Facilities Used To House Immigrants by ICE Under its Civil Detention Authority*

TYPE TYPE - Detailed TYPE - Name and Definition
CDF CDF Contract Detention Facility: a facility that is owned by a private company and contracted directly with the government.
CDF USMS CDF Private facility contracted with USMS.
IGSA FAMILY Family: a facility in which families are able to remain together while awaiting their proceedings.
IGSA IGSA Inter-governmental Service Agreement: a facility operated by state/local government(s) or private contractors and falls under public ownership.├┐
IGSA JUVENILE Juvenile: an IGSA facility capable of housing juveniles (separate from adults) for a temporary period of time.
SPC SPC Service Processing Center: a facility that is owned by the government and staffed by a combination of federal and contract employees.
USMS IGA USMS IGA Intergovernment agreement in which ICE agrees to├┐utilize an already established US Marshal Service contract.
* Some facilities are dedicated and hold just ICE detainees; others house individuals from multiple sources.