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Charges Asserted in Deportation Proceedings in the Immigration Courts:
FY 2002 - FY 2011 (through July 26, 2011)
(counts are of charges, not individuals charged)

Type Charge Number of Times Used
National Security and Terrorism  
  All  44
  Terrorists Activities [1227a04B]  26
  Engaged in Terrorist Activities [1182a03Bi  I]  9
  Likely to Engage in any Terrorist Activity [1182a03Bi  II]  5
  Use of alien's position of prominence within any country to endorse or espouse terrorist activity [1182a03Bi  VI]  2
  Representative of Foreign Terrorist Organization [1182a03Bi  IV]  1
  Member of Foreign Terrorist Organization IAW Sec. 219 [1182a03Bi  V]  1
  National security  
  All  378
  Any other unlawful activity [1182a03Aii]  52
  Any alien convicted under Sec. 266 of this Act of Sec. 36(c) of the Alien Registration Act [1227a03Bi]  48
  Membership in Totalitarian Party [1182a03Di]  47
  Any conviction relating to Espionage, Sabotage, Treason or Sedition for which a term of 5 or more years of imprisonment may be imposed [1227a02Di]  46
  Security and Related Grounds.  Any activity to violate any law relating to espionage or sabotage [1182a03Ai]  39
  Any alien who has engaged, is engaged, or at anytime after admission engages in Espionage, Sabotage, or tries to violate or evade any law prohibiting the export from the U.S. of goods, Technology or Other Sensitive Information  [1227a04Ai]  31
  Participation in Nazi Persecution, Genocide or Commission of any Act of Torture or Extrajudicial Killing [1227a04D]  22
  Any other criminal activity which endangers public safety or national security [1227a04Aii]  21
  Any activity to violate and law relating to Espionage/Sabatage [1182a03Ai  I]  16
  Recipient of Military-Type Training [1227a04E]  10
  Commission of Acts of Torture or Extrajudicial Killings [1182a03Eiii]  9
  Export of Goods, Technology, or Sensitive Information [1182a03Ai  II]  7
  Participation in Nazi persecutions [1182a03Ei]  6
  Aliens arrested and deported, fallen into distress, or removed as alien enemies [1182a17]  5
  Convicted for any offense under Sec. 871/960 of Title 18 U.S.C. [1227a02Dii]  4
  Security and Related Grounds [1182a03]  4
  Convicted of a violation of, Attempt or Conspiracy to Violate the Foreign Agents Registration Act [1227a03Bii]  2
  Any alien who poses serious adverse foreign policy consequences for the U.S. [1227a04Ci]  2
  Participation in Genocide [1182a03Eii]  2
  Foreign Policy Considerations [1182a03Ci]  2
  Any activity a purpose of which is the opposition to, or the control or overthrow of, the Government of the U.S. by force, violence or other unlawful means [1227a04Aiii]  1
  Any activity opposing, controlling, overthrowing the U.S. Government by Violence or other unlawful means [1182a03Aiii]  1
  Convicted for a Violation of the Military Selective Service or Trading with Enemy Acts [1227a02Diii]  1
Aggravated felon  
All  103,570
  Convicted of Aggravated Felony [1227a02Aiii]  103,568
  Convicted of Aggravated Felony [pre 1996: 241a02Aiii]  2
  Other criminal charges  
  All  347,293
  Crimes involving moral turpitude [1182a02Ai  I]  96,811
  Controlled Substance Violation [1182a02Ai  II]  82,706
  Controlled Substance Conviction [1227a02Bi]  57,161
  Controlled substance traffickers [1182a02C]  32,816
  Convicted of two or more crimes involving moral turpitude [1227a02Aii]  23,244
  Convicted for crimes of Domestic Violence, Stalking, Child Abuse, child neglect, or child abandonment [1227a02Ei]  18,255
  Convicted of crimes of moral turpitude [1227a02Ai]  15,333
  Convicted of Certain Firearm Offenses [1227a02C]  11,088
  Multiple Criminal Convictions [1182a02B]  2,674
  Drug Traffickers [1182a02Ci]  2,368
  Violators of Protective Orders [1227a02Eii]  2,230
  Prostitution and Commercialized Vice [1182a02Di]  532
  Criminal and Related Grounds [1182a02]  450
  Convicted of violation of, Attempt or Conspiracy to Violate, section 1546 of title 18, U.S. code (relating to fraud  and misuse of visas, permits and other entry documents) [1227a03Biii]  392
  Import of prostitutes [1182a02Dii]  310
  Narcotic/drug addict or drug abuser [1227a02Bii]  307
  Convicted of crimes of moral turpitude [1227a02Ai  I]  245
  Alien who is engaged or seeks to enter the U.S. to engage in Money Laundering [1182a02Ii]  159
  Alien who has been a knowing aider, abettor, assister, conspirator or colluder with others in an offense relating to money laundering [1182a02Iii]  93
  Engage in Other Unlawful Commercialized Vice [1182a02Diii]  70
  Spouse or Child Obtaining any Benefit from Illicit Activity by an inadmissible Alien [1182a02Cii]  23
  Significant Traffickers in Persons [1182a02Hi]  8
  Certain aliens involved in serious criminal activity who have asserted immunity from prosecution [1182a02E]  5
  Convicted of a marijuana violation [1182a23]  4
  Conviction relation to High Speed Flight from an immigrant checkpoint [1227a02Aiv]  3
  Convicted for a Violation of Sec. 215/278 of this Act [1227a02Div]  2
  Controlled Substance Conviction [241a02Bi]  1
  Immoral sexual acts [1182a13]  1
  Convicted for crimes of Moral Turpitude [241a02Ai]  1
  Beneficiaries of Trafficking [1182a02Hii]  1
Entry without inspection  
All  1,433,970
  Alien Present in U.S. without Admission or Paroled [1182a06Ai]  1,433,970
  Other immigration charge  
  All  703,337
  Any Alien present in violation of the act [1227a01B]  315,683
  No valid immigrant visa [1182a07Ai  I]  168,256
  Non-immigrant status violators.  Any alien who was admitted as a non-immigrant and failed to maintain that status. [1227a01Ci]  48,805
  Inadmissible Aliens [1227a01A]  38,805
  Fraud or willful misrepresentation to procure a visa, documentation or admission into the U.S. [1182a06Ci]  35,139
  Termination of Conditional Permanent Residence [1227a01Di]  32,179
  Smugglers [1182a06Ei]  12,304
  Removal that Occurred before,on, or after 4/1/97 [1182a09Ci  II]  11,971
  Falsely claiming citizenship [1182a06Cii]  7,631
  Arriving Alien who seeks admission within 5 years of a removal order or within 20 years of a second or subsequent removal [1182a09Ai]  5,513
  Certain aliens previously removed [1182a09Aii]  3,817
  Alien unlawfully present in the U.S. for an aggregate period of more than one year [1182a09Ci  I]  3,095
  Alien unlawfully present in the U.S. for 1 year or more, and who again seeks admission within 10 years of the date of such alien's departure or removal from the U.S., is inadmissable [1182a09Bi  II]  2,455
  Alien previously deported [1182a06A]  2,351
  Non-immigrant not in Possession of Valid non-immigrant Visa or Border Crossing Card at the time of application for  admission [1182a07Bi  II]  2,157
  False claim to U.S. citizenship [1227a03D]  2,130
  Smuggling (of aliens by another alien); no requirement of payment [1227a01Ei]  2,084
  Alien refused or failed to fulfill marriage agreement [1227a01Gii]  1,861
  Change of Address [1227a03A]  1,460
  Immigrant whose visa was improperly issued at the time of admission [1182a07Ai  II]  918
  Non-immigrant not in Possession of a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date the Initial Admission expires [1182a07Bi  I]  566
  Documentation Requirements:  Immigrants [1182a07A]  497
  Marriage Fraud [1227a01Gi]  383
  Unlawful voters [1227a06]  341
  Documentation Requirements under section 212 (a)(7) [1182a07]  329
  Smugglers [1182a06E]  317
  Alien unlawfully present in the U.S. for more than 180 days but less than 1 year, voluntarily departed the U.S. prior to proceedings commencement and seeks admission within 3 years of the alien's departure or removal date [1182a09Bi  I]  289
  Rescission of adjustment of status [246]  262
  Illegal entrants and immigration violators [1182a06i]  231
  False claim to U.S. citizenship [1182a06Cii I]  216
  No valid immigrant visa [1182a20]  149
  Failure to Attend a Removal Proceeding [1182a06B]  142
  Fraud or willful misrepresentation to procure a visa, documentation or admission into the U.S. [1182a19]  130
  False claim to U.S. citizenship [1227a03Di]  121
  Illegal entrants and Immigration Violators under section 212 (a) (6) [1182a06]  118
  Stowaways [1182a06D]  101
  Arriving Alien who has been ordered removed under section 240 or any other provision of law [1182a09Aii I]  85
  Subject of Civil Penalty.  Any alien who is the subject of a final order for violation of section 274(c) [1182a06F]  81
  Violators of Conditions of Entry according to section 212(g) [1227a01Cii]  59
  Student Visa Abusers [1182a06G]  59
  Entered without inspection, or violation of any other law [241a02]  57
  Unlawful voters [1227a06A]  40
  Alien departed the U.S. with Order of Removal and seeks readmission within 10 years of the date of such departure or  removal, or within 20 years of a second or subsequent removal [1182a09Aii II]  37
  Alien Permanently Ineligible for Citizenship [1182a08A]  25
  Certain aliens previously removed.  Any alien who has been arrested and deported [1182a06Bi]  25
  Entered without inspection, or other violation [241a01B]  20
  Any alien with a Final Order for Document Fraud in violation of Sec. 247C, is deportable [1227a03Ci]  19
  Draft Evaders [1182a08B]  9
  Documentation Requirements: Nonimmigrants [1182a07B]  8
  Termination of Conditional Permanent Residence [241a01Di]  1
  Excludable at time of entry or adjustment of status or violates status [241a01]  1
  Stowaways [1182a18]  1
  Previously excluded or deported [1182a16]  1
  Ineligible for citizenship [1182a08]  1
  Ineligible for Citizenship under section 212 (a)(8) [1182a08]  1
  Subject of Civil Penalty for Document Fraud [1182a06Fi]  1
All  6,318
  Any alien who is likely to become a public charge [1182a04A]  3,308
  Failure to meet labor certification requirements [1182a05Ai]  1,196
  Communicable Disease of Public Health Significance [1182a01Ai]  594
  Family sponsored immigrants [1182a04C]  224
  Drug Abuser or Drug Addict [1182a01Aiv]  191
  Public Charge under section 212(a)(4) [1182a04]  152
  International child abduction [1182a09Ci]  129
  Labor Certification and Licensing Requirements [1182a14]  100
  Practicing Polygamists [1182a10A]  61
  Unlawful voters [1182a10D]  53
  Labor Certification [1182a05A]  49
  Public Charge [1227a05]  49
  Physical or Mental Disorder [1182a01AiiiI]  34
  Applicants previously removed or unlawfully present under section 212 (a)(9) 29
  Vaccinations [1182a01Aii]  26
  Guardian required to accompany excluded alien [1182a09B]  23
  Failure to meet certification requirement for Health Care Workers [1182a05C]  22
  Guardian required to accompany helpless applicant [1182a10B]  11
  Physical or Mental Disorder and a History of Behavior [1182a01AiiiII]  10
  Practicing Polygamists [1182a09A]  9
  Drug abuser or addict [1182a01Aiii]  9
  Physical or Mental disorder [1182a01Aii I]  8
  International Child Abduction [1182a10Ci]  6
  Labor Certification and Licensing Requirements under section 212 (a) (5) [1182a05]  6
  Physical or mental disorder and a history of behavior [1182a01Aii II]  5
  Health & Related Grounds [1182a01]  4
  Likely to become a public charge [1182a15]  4
  Certain employment-based immigrants [1182a04D]  2
  Failure to meet licensing requirements for medical doctors [1182a05B]  1
  Illness, mental or physical disability [1182a30]  1
  Miscellaneous Grounds under section 212 (a) (10) [1182a10]  1
  Former Citizens who renounced citizenship to avoid paying taxes.  Classes of Deportable Aliens under Sec. 237 (a)  [1182a10E]  1
Cannot determine 1

* Bracketed references are to subsections in Title 8 of the U.S. Code, references to Section 241 refers to previous provisions in the law.

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