EOIR Immigration Law Advisor

EOIR has published a monthly internal legal newsletter, the Immigration Law Advisor, since January 2007 summarizing new developments in immigration law. The Immigration Law Advisor includes a feature article about an issue in immigration law, federal court activity (which includes circuit-specific information about appeals and interesting cases), BIA precedent decisions, and a regulatory update.

TRAC has obtained the following electronic copies of the Immigration Law Advisor through Freedom of Information requests.

Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Supreme Court's Decision in Lopez v. Gonzales January 2007
Misdemeanor Assault, Battery, and Harassment as Crimes of Violence-A Circuit Court Split February 2007
The Convention Against Torture: When does a Public Official Acquiesce to Torture Committed by a Third Party? March 2007
Calculating "Loss to the Victim or Victims" under section 101(a)(43)(M)(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act: Survey of Circuit Court Decisions April 2007
The Treatment of Multiple State Possession Offenses in Light of Lopez May 2007
The Unsettled Concept of Firm Resettlement as a Bar to Asylum June 2007
"Attention Must Be Paid:" Circuits Issue Significant decisions in Chinese Coercive Population Control July 2007
Equitable Tolling of Motions Deadlines - A Survey of Circuit Court Decisions August 2007
Issues Arising in Coercive Population Control Claims: Survey of Board of Immigration Appeals and Federal Court Decisions September 2007
Emerging Trends in the Circuits: Asylum Claims Based on Female Genital Mutilation October 2007
"World, Take Good Notice": The Circuits' View of Administrative Notice November 2007
Gang Violence and Asylum: The Problem of Defining a Particular Social Group December 2007
Brand X: Deference Should Be More Than a Matter of "Who's On First" January 2008
The Real Deal on REAL ID - An Update on Implementation February 2008
Splitting Hairs: Burden of Proof, Voluntariness and Scienter Under the Persecutor Bar to Asylum-Based Relief March 2008
Affording Material Support to a Terrorist Organization - A Look at the Discretionary Exemption to Inadmissibility for Aliens Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place April 2008
In Limbo: Continued Detention Review for Specially Dangerous Aliens May 2008
Suppression: Respondents Look for a Shield and Sword in Immigration Proceedings June 2008
Bond Proceedings Before Immigration Judges and the Board of Immigration Appeals July 2008
Second Chances: Motions for Continuances under Matter of Garcia, Velarde, and Kotte August 2008
Asking and Telling: Identity and Persecution in Sexual Orientation Asylum Claims September 2008
Treatment of Criminal Convictions in the Immigration Court October 2008
U.S. Citizenship Law and the Means for Becoming a Citizen November 2008
New Developments on the Terrorism-Related Inadmissibility Ground Exemptions December 2008
Recent Developments in the Specific Intent Standard in Convention Against Torture Cases January 2009