EOIR Training Materials
for New Immigration Judges

New immigration judges undergo a week of classroom training. Provided here are, according to EOIR, all materials that were used to train new IJs at the training session conducted August 10-15, 2008 (see course schedule). The training session also incorporates the administration of the exam for new immigration judges (scheduled in one-hour segments after Days 2, 3, and 4) and the investiture ceremony (Day 6).

These materials were provided in response to a TRAC FOIA request for "[a]ny educational materials prepared by EOIR employees, including but not limited to handouts, syllabi, and test preparatory material, provided to newly appointed immigration judges during their five week training period." With the exception of some alien names and EOIR staff phone numbers that have been redacted, these materials — according to EOIR — represent the complete set of training materials used.

Table of Contents

Day 1:
1.Introductory Information: Table of Contents, Weekly Schedule, Faculty
2.Preparing and Conducting Master Calendar Hearings
3.Working with the Record of Proceedings
4.Individual Hearings: Preparation and Conduct

Day 2:
5.Immigration Law Overview: Role of the Judge, Terminology, and Fundamental Concepts
6.Alien Classification & Burden of Proof in Removal Proceedings
7.Notice to Appeal Form I-862: Example
8.Script & Timeline of When Each Advisal is Given
9.United States Citizenship Law Outline
10.Initial Hearing and Worksheets

Day 3:
11.Oral Decisions: Understanding the Importance and Art of Preparing & Delivering
12.Examples of Board Decisions
13.Asylum, Withholding, and Convention Against Torture
14.Asylum Practice Scenarios
15.Voluntary Departure
16.Voluntary Departure Lesson Outline, Case Law
17.Cancellation of Removal
18.Adjustment of Status and Waivers of Inadmissibility

Day 4:
19.Consequences of Criminal Misconduct Under Immigration and Nationality Act
20.Fundamentals of Custody and Bond Redeterminations
21.Immigration Judge Benefits
22.Ethics for New Immigration Judges
23.Understanding Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and Office of Inspector General (OIG)

Day 5:
24.Issues & Techniques in Controlling a Courtroom
25.Professional Conduct for Practitioners: Rules and Procedures
26.Immigration Judge Credo
27.Tutorial for the Virtual Law Library and Benchbook
28.Use of Recording and Other Equipment
29.Appointment Certificate Worksheet
30.Immigration Court Listing
31.Preparing a Travel Voucher