Detainees Leaving ICE Detention from the
Florence Correctional Center
Florence, Arizona

Detainees Deported or Released
Number last 12 months 4
Out of total detained 3,104

Table 1: Number leaving ICE detention
from this facility

During the most recent 12 month period for which data are available, 4 detainees housed at the Florence Correctional Center left that facility because they were deported, were released under supervision while their cases was being decided, or left ICE detention for one of a variety of other reasons. The use of this facility for the temporary housing of federal immigration detainees was arranged under a contract with Corrections Corporation of America that was in the business of providing detention services for housing federal detainees.

This report focuses on just those individuals who actually left ICE detention. Sometimes this report speaks of these individuals as those "exiting" ICE detention, or simply as "exits." This does not include individuals who were transferred to a different ICE detention facility. For more information on this facility, including individuals that were transferred, see additional TRAC reports in this series.

This report series is based upon analyses conducted by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University of 1.7 million government records tracking each individual who passed through an ICE detention facility during fiscal year 2015. This most recent 12 month period for which comprehensive data are available covers October 2014 through September 2015. See About the Data.

Exit Details for the Last Twelve Months

Information on each of the individuals who left ICE detention from the Florence Correctional Center during the last 12 months is provided in the following table. The reason the individual left detention is shown. For a description of each of these categories, see "Reasons for Leaving ICE Detention."

Book In Date Release Date Nationality Gender Reason Left DHS
01/20/2015 01/23/2015 Mexico Male Removed FLORENCE, AZ, SERVICE
03/16/2015 06/22/2015 India Male Bonded Out FLORENCE, AZ, SERVICE
04/13/2015 06/22/2015 India Male Bonded Out FLORENCE, AZ, SERVICE
06/16/2015 06/22/2015 El Salvador Male Bonded Out FLORENCE, AZ, SERVICE

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