Department and Agency Codes
Note: A 2-digit code selects that part of the department not assigned into a separate code.
AFDepartment of the Air Force
AFNGAir National Guard Units (Title 32)
AFZGU.S. Spec Operations Cmd (Ang, Title 32)
AFZSU.S. Spec. Operations Command (Air Force
AF0BU.S. Air Force Academy
AF0DU.S. Air Forces, Europe
AF0IAir Reserve Personnel Center
AF0JAir Training Command
AF0KAir University
AF0MHeadquarters, Air Force Reserve
AF0NImmediate Office, Headquarters, U.S.AF
AF0RPacific Air Forces
AF0UElectronic Security Command
AF0YAir Force Communications Command
AF01Air Force Management Engineering Agency
AF02Air Force Inspection and Safety Center
AF03AF Operational Test and Eval Ctr
AF04Air Force Communications Agency
AF05Air Force Intelligence Service
AF06Air Force Audit Agency
AF07AF Ofc of Special Investigations
AF08Air Force Office of Security Police
AF09Air Force Manpower and Personnel Center
AF1CAir Combat Command
AF1GAir Force Logistics Management Agency
AF1LAir Mobility Command
AF1MAir Force Materiel Command
AF1QHQ AF Flight Standards Agency
AF1SSpace Command
AF1WAF Engineering and Services Ctr
AF10AF Ctr for Quality and Mgt Innovation
AF2AAir Force Cost Center
AF2BAir Force Doctrine Center
AF2CAF Civilian Personnel Management Center
AF2DAir Force Personnnel Operations Agency
AF2EAir Force Legal Services Center
AF2FAir Force Medical Services Center
AF2GAF Service Information and News Center
AF2HAir Force Combat Operations Staff
AF2IAir National Guard Support Center
AF2KU.S.AF Historical Research Ctr
AF2LAir Force Technical Applications Center
AF2MAir Force Review Boards Office
AF2NAF Ctr for Studies and Analyses
AF2PAF Ctr for International Programs
AF2QAir Weather Service
AF2RAir Force Program Executive Office
AF2SHQ Norad
AF2TAir Force Supply Center
AF2UAir Force Morale, Welfare & Rec Center
AF2VAir Force Disposal Agency
AF2WAir Force District of Washington
AF2XAir Force Real Estate Agency
AF2YAir Force Pentagon Communications Agency
AF2ZHQ Air Force Medical Operations Agency
AF3CAir Force Elements, U.S. Central Command
AF3DAir Force Elements, U.S. Spec Oper Cmd
AF3GAir Force Elements, Europe
AF3IReservist, Centrally Managed
AF3LCenter for Air Force History
AF3MAir Force Elements, U.S. Southern Cmd
AF3NAir Force Elements, U.S. Atlantic Cmd
AF3OAir Force Elements, U.S. Pacific Command
AF3QAir Force Elements, U.S. Strategic Cmd
AF3RAir Force Elements, U.S. Readiness Cmd
AF3SHdqtrs, U.S. Space Command and Norad
AF3TAir Force Elements, U.S. Transportn Cmd
AF3VAir Force Elements, Other than Europe
AF3WAir Force Ctr for Environmntl Excellence
AF3YAir Force Frequency Management Center
AF3ZJt Services Surv, Evas, Resis & Esc Agy
AF34Air Natl Guard Units (Mobil) (Title 5)
AGDepartment of Agriculture
AGAWAlternative Agr Res and Commercializ Ctr
AGCABoard of Contract Appeals
AGDBOfc of Small and Disadv Bus Utilization
AGDMDept Admin Managemnt Services Staff
AGESOffice of the Executive Secretariat
AGFAFarm Service Agency
AGITOffice of the Chief Information Officer
AGNANational Appeals Division
AGPAPolicy, Analysis, and Coordination Ctr
AGSCNatl Sheep Industry Improvement Center
AG01Office of the Secretary of Agriculture
AG02Agricultural Marketing Service
AG03Agricultural Research Service
AG05Agri Stabilization and Conserv Service
AG07Farmers Home Administration
AG08Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
AG09Extension Service
AG10Foreign Agricultural Service
AG11Forest Service
AG12National Agricultural Library
AG13Office of Public Affairs
AG14Office of the General Counsel
AG15Rural Electrification Administration
AG16Soil Conservation Service
AG18Economic Research Service
AG19Economic Analysis Staff
AG20National Agricultural Statistics Service
AG22Coop State Research, Educ, & Exten Serv
AG23Office of the Inspector General
AG26Office of Energy
AG28Packers and Stockyards Administration
AG29Agricultural Cooperative Service
AG30Food and Consumer Service
AG32Rural Development Administration
AG34Animal and Plant Health Inspection Serv
AG35Economics Management Staff
AG36Grain Inspec, Packers & Stockyards Admin
AG37Food Safety and Inspection Service
AG38World Agricultural Outlook Board
AG42Office of Budget and Program Analysis
AG43Ofc of Inter Cooperation and Development
AG45Office of Transportation
AG48Human Nutrition Information Service
AG76Ofc of Information Resources Management
AG90Office of Finance and Management
AG92Office of Administrative Law Judges
AG94Civil Rights Enforcement
AG96Office of Personnel
AG98Office of Operations
ARDepartment of the Army
ARE4Berlin Brigade
ARE632nd Army Air Defense Command
ARE87th Medical Command, Europe
ARE94th Transportation Brigade
AREJContopo Field Support Element, Europe
ARP3U.S. Army, Japan
ARXRU.S. Army Troop Support Command
ARXWU.S. Army Depot Systems Command
ARAEAcquisition Executive Support Agency
ARASU.S. Army Intelligence and Security Cmd
ARAUU.S. Army Audit Agency
ARCBU.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command
ARCEU.S. Army Corps of Eng (Exc Civ Prg Fin)
ARCSImmediate Ofc of Chief of Staff of Army
ARCZU.S. Army Information Systems Command
AREB1st Personnel Command
AREDU.S. Mil Community Activity, Heidelberg
ARENSeventh Army Training Command
ARE059th Ordnance Brigade
ARE1Imm Ofc Cmd-in-Ch U.S. Army Eur & Sev Army
ARE221st Theater Army Area Command
ARE3U.S. Army Southern European Task Force
ARE5U.S. Army V Corps
ARFCU.S. Army Forces Command
ARGBOfc of Chief of Natl Guard Bureau
ARHRU.S. Army Reserve Command
ARHSU.S. Army Health Services Command
ARJAJoint Activities
ARJ1U.S. Army Element Shape
ARMAU.S. Military Academy
ARMCU.S. Army Medical Command
ARMDSurgeon General
ARMPU.S. Total Army Personnel Command
ARMTMilitary Traffic Management Command
ARMWU.S. Army Mil District of Washington
ARNGArmy National Guard Units (Title 32)
ARPCMilitary Entrance Processing Command
ARP1U.S. Army, Pacific
ARP8Eighth U.S. Army
ARRCU.S. Army Recruiting Command
ARSAOffice of the Secretary of the Army
ARSBFld Operating Ofc of Ofc of Sec of Army
ARSCU.S. Army Space and Strategic Defense Cmd
ARSEFld Op Ag of Army Staff Resourced Oa-22
ARSFFld Operating Agencies of the Army Staff
ARSJJt Serv & Act Sup by Ofc, Sec of Army
ARSPU.S. Special Operations Command (Army)
ARSSStaff Sup Agencies of Chf of Staff, Army
ARSUU.S. Army Southern Command
ARTCU.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command
ARXAU.S. Army Chemical and Biological Def Cmd
ARXBU.S. Army Aviation and Troop Command
ARXCU.S. Army Soldiers System Command (Ssc)
ARXDU.S. Army Research Laboratory Command
ARXKMateriel Acquisition Activities
ARXLMateriel Acquisition Project Managers
ARXMU.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command
ARXPU.S. Army Security Assistance Command
ARXQU.S. Army Industrial Operations Command
ARXTU.S. Army Test, Meas, & Diag Equip Act
ARXXMateriel Readiness Activities
ARX2Headquarters, Amc
ARX3HQ, Staff Support Activities, Amc
ARX4Training Activities, Amc
ARX5U.S. Army Material Command, All Others
ARX6U.S. Army Missile Command
ARX7U.S. Army Tank-Automotive & Armament Cmd
ARX8U.S. Army Communications Electronics Cmd
ARX9U.S. Army Simul, Traing and Instrum Cmd
FLAU00Federal Labor Relations Authority
MSBD00Merit Systems Protection Board
DNBF00Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board
PEBG00Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
BH00Cmsn for Pres of Americas Heritage Abrd
BO00Office of Management and Budget
CC00Commission on Civil Rights
CE00Council of Economic Advisors
CMDepartment of Commerce
CM33Technology Administration
CM51Office of the Secretary
CM52Economic Development Administration
CM53Bureau of Economic Analysis
CM54Natl Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin
CM55International Trade Administration
CM56Patent and Trademark Office
CM57Natl Institute of Standards and Tech
CM59Minority Business Development Agency
CM61Natl Telecommunications and Info Admin
CM62National Technical Information Service
CM63Bureau of the Census
CM64Office of the Inspector General
CM65Economic Affairs Units
CM67Bureau of Export Adminstration
CS00Natl Ed Standards and Improvement Council
CFCT00Commodity Futures Trading Commission
NCCU00National Credit Union Administration
DC00Office of Policy Development
DDDepartment of Defense
DD37Defense Analysis and Studies Office
DD38Defense Installations Support Office
DD39Defense Environment Support Office
DD40Defense Logistics Support Office
DD41Defense Manpower Data Center
DD42Defense Procurement Support Office
DD43Defense Production Resources Support Ofc
DD44Defense Productivity Program Office
DD52Management Systems Support Office
DD53Def. Inst. For Train. & Resource Analysis
DD01Immediate Ofc of Sec of Defense
DD02Organization of Joint Chiefs of Staff
DD03Defense Special Weapons Agency
DD04Defense Information Systems Agency
DD06Defense Security Assistance Agency
DD07Defense Logistics Agency
DD08U.S. Court of Appeals for Armed Forces
DD09American Forces Information Service
DD10Defense Contract Audit Agency
DD12Defense Investigative Service
DD13Defense Advanced Research Projects Agy
DD15Uniform Services Univ of Health Sciences
DD16Department of Defense Education Activity
DD17Ofc of Civ Heal and Med Prog of Unif Serv
DD18Defense Medical Programs Activity
DD21Washington Headquarters Services
DD23Office of Economic Adjustment
DD25Defense Legal Services
DD26Office of the Inspector General
DD27Ballistic Missile Defense Organization
DD29Defense Technology Security Admin
DD32On-site Inspection Agency
DD34Defense Commissary Agency
DD35Defense Finance and Accounting Service
DD48Defense Human Resources Activity
DD49Plans & Programs Analysis Support Center
DD50USD(A&T) Defense Support Activity
DD58Defense POW/MIA Office
DD61Defense Threat Reduction Agency
DJDepartment of Justice
DJ01Offices, Boards and Divisions
DJ02Federal Bureau of Investigation
DJ03Federal Prison System
DJ04Immigration and Naturalization Service
DJ06Drug Enforcement Administration
DJ07Office of Justice Programs
DJ08U.S. Marshals Service
DJ09Exec Ofc U.S. Attorney
DJ10Office of the Inspector General
DJ11U.S. Trustee System
DJ12Executive Office for Immigration Review
DJ14Community Relations Service
DLDepartment of Labor
DLSEOffice of Labor-Management Standards
DLAAOffice of Secretary of Labor
DLAMOfc Asst Sec Admin and Management
DLBLBureau of International Labor Affairs
DLCFOffice of the Chief Financial Officer
DLEHPres Cmte on Employ of People with Disab
DLESEmployment Standards Administration
DLETEmployment and Training Administration
DLIGOffice of the Inspector General
DLLSBureau of Labor Statistics
DLMSMine Safety and Health Administration
DLNYNatl Occupational Info Coordinating Cmte
DLPEOfc of Asst Sec for Policy
DLPWPension and Welfare Benefits Admin
DLSHOccupational Safety and Health Admin
DLSLOffice of the Solicitor
DLVEVeterans Employment and Training Serv
DN00Department of Energy
EB00Export-Import Bank of the United States
EC00Office of Administration
EDDepartment of Education
EDEAImm Ofc of Sec of Education
EDEBOfc of the Deputy Secretary of Education
EDECOffice for Civil Rights
EDEEOffice of the Under Secretary (OUS)
EDEFOffice of Inspector General
EDEGOffice of the General Counsel
EDEHOffice of Spec Ed and Rehab Serv
EDEIOffice of the Chief Information Officer
EDEJOfc of Legis and Congressional Affairs
EDEKOfc of Intergov and Interagency Affairs
EDELOffice of the Chief Financial Officer
EDEMOffice of Management
EDENOfc Of Student Financial Assistance Prog
EDEPOffice of Postsecondary Education
EDEROfc of Ed Res and Improvement
EDESOfc of Elem and Sec Ed
EDETOfc of Bilingual Ed & Min Lang Affairs
EDEVOffice of Vocational and Adult Education
EDEXNational Institute for Literacy
EDEYAdvisory Councils and Committees
EDEZNational Assessment Governing Board
EE00Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EM00Federal Emergency Management Agency
EP00Environmental Protection Agency
EQ00Council on Envir Qty/Office of Envir Qty
EX00Executive Residence at the White House
FC00Federal Communications Commission
FD00Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FAFL00Farm Credit Administration
FT00Federal Trade Commission
OSFW00Office of Special Counsel
FHFY00Federal Housing Finance Board
OOGG00Office of Government Ethics
UHHD00U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council
HEDepartment of Health and Human Services
HE40Social Security Administration
HE10Ofc Sec Health and Human Services
HE11Program Support Center
HE12Adminstration on Aging
HE31Ofc Asst Sec for Health
HE32Substance Abuse and Mental Health Admin
HE33Agency for Health Care Policy & Research
HE34Health Resources and Services Admin
HE35Agy for Toxic Substances and Disease Reg
HE36Food and Drug Administration
HE37Indian Health Service
HE38National Institutes of Health
HE39Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
HE70Health Care Financing Administration
HE90Administration for Children and Families
HUDepartment of Housing and Urban Developm
HUKKOffice of Fed Relief -- South Dade County
HUXXNational Comm on Manufactured Hous
HUAAOffice of the Secretary of HUD
HUBBAssistant Secretary for Administration
HUCCOffice of General Counsel
HUDDAsst Sec for Cmnty Plan and Development
HUEEAsst Sec for Fair Hous and Equal Oppor
HUFFOffice of the Chief Financial Officer
HUGGOffice of Inspector General
HUJJAsst Sec for Congr & Intergov Relations
HULLOfc of Lead-Based Paint Abat & Pois Prev
HUMMAsst Sec for Housing--Fed Housing Cmsnr
HUOOOfc of Fed Housing Enterprise Oversight
HUPPAsst Sec for Pub and Indian Housing
HURRAsst Sec for Policy Dev and Res
HUTTGovernment National Mortgage Association
HUUUOfc of Dept Equal Employment Opportunity
HUWWAssistant Secretary for Public Affairs
HU01Region 1 - New England
HU02Region 2 - New York/New Jersey
HU03Region 3 - Mid-Atlantic
HU04Region 4 - Southeast/Caribbean
HU05Region 5 - Midwest
HU06Region 6 - Southwest
HU07Region 7 - Great Plains
HU08Region 8 - Rocky Mountains
HU09Region 9 - Pacific/Hawaii
HU10Region 10 - Northwest/Alaska
UHIB00U.S. Information Agency
IC00Interstate Commerce Comm.
INDepartment of Interior
IN09Bureau of Mines
IN01Office of the Secretary of the Interior
IN05Bureau of Land Management
IN06Indian Affairs
IN07Bureau of Reclamation
IN08Geological Survey
IN10National Park Service
IN13Geological Survey--Biological Res Div
IN15U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
IN21Office of the Solicitor
IN22Ofc of Surface Mining, Recl and Enforc
IN23Minerals Management Service
IN24Office of the Inspector General
COKS00Corp for National and Community Service
FELF00Federal Election Commission
GOLP00Government Printing Office
UTLT00U.S. Tax Court
FMMC00Federal Maritime Commission
NF00National Science Foundation
NL00National Labor Relations Board
NANQ00Natl Archives and Records Administration
NS00National Security Council
NU00Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NVDepartment of the Navy
NVZSU.S. Special Operations Command (Navy)
NV08Immediate Ofc of Sec of Navy
NV09Navy Staff Offices
NV10Navy Field Offices
NV11Imm Ofc of Chief of Naval Operations
NV14Office of Naval Research
NV15Naval Intelligence Command
NV18Naval Medical Command
NV19Naval Air Systems Command
NV22Bureau of Naval Personnel
NV23Naval Supply Systems Command
NV24Naval Sea Systems Command
NV25Naval Facilities Engineering Command
NV27U.S. Marine Corps
NV30Special Projects Office
NV33Military Sealift Command
NV39Naval Space and Warfare Systems Command
NV60U.S. Atlantic Fleet, Commander in Chief
NV61U.S. Naval Forces, Europe
NV62Naval Education and Training Command
NV63Naval Computer & Telecommunications Cmd
NV65Naval Oceanography Command
NV69Naval Security Group Command
NV70U.S. Pacific Fleet, Commander in Chief
NV72Naval Reserve Force
NV74Naval Special Warfare Command
UOOM00U.S. Office of Personnel Management
PC00Panama Canal Commission
PU00Peace Corps
QQ00Office of National Drug Control Policy
FERF00Fed Retirement Thrift Investment Board
FMRS00Fed Mine Safety and Health Review Cmsn
SB00Small Business Administration
SE00Securities and Exchange Commission
CPSK00Consumer Product Safety Commission
SESS00Selective Service System
ST00Department of State
SZ00Social Security Administration
NTTB00National Transportation Safety Board
UITC00U.S. International Trade Commission
TDDepartment of Transportation
TD01Ofc of Sec of Transportation
TD02U.S. Coast Guard
TD03Federal Aviation Administration
TD04Federal Highway Administration
TD05Federal Railroad Administration
TD06St. Lawrence Seaway Dev Corp
TD09Federal Transit Administration
TD10Natl Highway Traffic Safety Admin
TD11Research and Special Programs Admin
TD12Office of Inspector General
TD13Maritime Administration
TD15Surface Transportation Board
TD16Bureau of Transportation Statistics
TN00Office of the U.S. Trade Representative
TRDepartment of Treasury
TRTGOfc of Inspector General for Tax Admin
TR10U.S. Savings Bonds Division
TRAA02Financial Management Service
TRAB11Bureau of the Public Debt
TRAC12U.S. Secret Service
TRAD08U.S. Mint
TRAF05U.S. Customs Service
TRAH14Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
TRAI06Bureau of Engraving and Printing
TRAJ04Office of Comptroller of Currency
TR35Office of Thrift Supervision
TR4015Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
TR91Departmental Offices
TR9307Internal Revenue Service
TR9526Office of Inspector General
TS00Office of Science and Technology Policy
VADepartment of Veterans Affairs
VAGAAsst Secy for Acquisition and Facilities
VAGBPrinci Depy Asst Secy for Acquis & Facil
VAGCDepy Asst Secy for Acqui & Material Mgt
VAGDDep Asst Sec for Security and Law Enforc
VAGEDeputy Asst Sec for Facilities Oversight
VAAAOffice of the Secretary
VAACBoard of Contract Appeals
VAADBoard of Veterans Appeals
VAAEGeneral Counsel
VAAFInspector General
VAAHOfc of Small and Disadv Bus Utilization
VABAImmed Ofc of Asst Sec for Humn Res & Admin
VABBDep Asst Sec for Security and Law Enforc
VABCDepy Asst Sec for Human Resources Mgt
VABDDepy Asst Secy for Equal Employ Opportun
VABEDeputy Assistant Secretary for Admin
VABFDep Asst Sec for Ofc of Resolution Mgt
VADAImmed Ofc of the Asst Sec for Management
VADCDeputy Assistant Secretary for Budget
VADDDepy Asst Secy for Financial Management
VADFDep Asst Sec for Info Resources Mgt
VADGDep Asst Sec for Acquis and Material Mgt
VAEAImmed Ofc of Asst Sec For Info & Tech
VAEBDep Asst Sec for Info & Technology
VAHAImmed Ofc of the Asst Sec for Pol & Plan
VAHBDeputy Assistant Secretary for Policy
VAHCDeputy Assistant Secretary for Planning
VAHDNatl Ctr for Vet Analysis and Statistics
VAJAImmed Ofc of Asst Sec for Pub & Int Aff
VAJBDep Asst Sec for Intergov Affairs
VAJCDep Asst Sec for Public Affairs
VAKAImmed Ofc of Asst Sec for Cong Affairs
VAKBDep Asst Sec for Congressional Liaison
VAKCDep Asst Sec for Legislative Affairs
VALAVeterans Benefits Administration
VAPANational Cemetery System
VATAVeterans Health Administration
UAAD00U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency