Income and Deductions on Federal Returns
Tax Year 2001

Type of Return
Dollars (in thousands)
Total Receipts
Total Deductions
  (excluding S-Corps)     
$16,524,144,934 $16,076,904,663
Passthrough Entitites:
$3,761,512,350 $3,617,587,204
$2,893,669,026 $2,348,244,173
$6,655,181,376 $5,965,831,377
$6,170,603,942 $2,093,990,841

Source: IRS Statistics of Income publications. Tax year 2001 is latest year available.

* For returns filed by individuals, figure for "total receipts" is adjusted gross income (AGI)
while "total deductions" is the sum of exemptions, itemized and standard deductions.

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