Characteristics of Returns Filed and IRS District Audits 2000
All 1040/1040A Returns Filed by Individuals

IRS District = New Jersey

Number of Returns Audited 3,914
percent of returns audited 0.10
Rank: Percent of Returns Audited 33
Average Audit Hours 19
Rank: Average Audit Hours 4
Average Taxes and Penalties Recommended 11,919
Rank: Average Taxes and Penalties 4
average adjusted gross income reported 58,295
rank: average adjusted gross income 3
average wages/salaries reported 44,390
rank: average wages/salaries 2
average interest income reported 2,326
rank: average interest 3
average gross dividends reported 1,267
rank: average dividends 4
average gross rents/royalties reported 1,601
rank: average rents/royalties 10
average number of exemptions 2.1
rank: average number exemptions 20
Note: IRS district audits do not include tax audits conducted by IRS service centers.

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Syracuse University
Copyright 2003