Agency Referrals Declined by U.S. Attorneys as
Legally Insufficient Versus Criminal Convictions,
1997- 2001

Referrals for Federal Prosecution
Declined as Legally Insufficient**
Criminal Convictions Obtained
Total Criminal Referrals 106,272 311,725
Federal Bureau of Investigation 52,823 64,922
nonFBI referrals* 53,449 246,803
Selected Other Agencies:
Justice: Drug Enforcement Administration 6,966 54,326
Justice: Immigration and Naturalization Service 1,693 61,590
Treasury: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms 7,021 16,651
Treasury: Customs Service 2,874 28,558
Treasury: Internal Revenue Service 3,383 7,272

*nonFBI referrals include all other sources for referrals for federal criminal prosecution to U.S. Attorney offices, not just the five specific agencies separately shown.

** U.S. Attorney offices decline to prosecute citing: weak evidence, lack of criminal intent, no federal offense evident, minimal federal interest, and no known suspect.

For 1992-1996 period, see table1; for 1994-1998 period, see table2

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