About Geography
Locating Data on Your District

TRAC's FBI Web Site examines the enforcement activities of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and provides certain background information from many different perspectives.

One of these perspectives is geographic, where information about FBI enforcement activities is presented in various appropriate ways -- ranging from the United States as a whole down to each of the 90 Federal Judicial Districts. Here is a summary of the kinds of information you will find according to the selected geographic unit you select.

The United States
The section National Profile and Enforcement Trends Over Time focuses primarily on national level information.

Federal Judicial Districts
Information on FBI criminal enforcement activities for each of the 90 federal judicial districts within the 50 states is located at District Enforcement. Information on FBI referrals, declinations, prosecutions, convictions and sentencing is provided for each year. How your district ranks on these factors also is provided.

Details about other information available from TRAC including our Premium Data and Services can be found at: Data Services.

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