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Seattle Post-Intelligencer
April 5, 2006

Judge Orders IRS to Provide Data to TRAC

Thirty years ago, a federal judge in Seattle provided Susan Long a permanent court order requiring the IRS to provide her statistical information about its operations. At that time, Long was a doctoral student at the University of Washington who had been thwarted by the agency in her attempts to get statistical information for her studies. From that time on, with occasional lapses, the IRS provided the information she requested. But about two years ago, the Bush Administration stopped making the information public and Long in December asked the court to enforce her order. On April 5, U.S. District Judge Martha J. Pechman ordered the IRS to turn over the data by March 17 and awarded her court fees. Gene Johnson, the AP Legal Affairs reporter, wrote the article about the order that ran in the Intelligencer and other papers around the country. (Although the IRS did provide limited information, much material appears to be missing and further actions may be required to force the agency to comply with both the original court order and Judge Pechman's April 5 ruling.)

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