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USA Today
April 13, 2006

FBI Cases Drop Overall as Terror Cases Climb

FBI prosecutions have fallen from nearly 19,000 in 2001 to about 14,000 in 2006. The decline at the FBI runs counter to the federal government's overall prosecutions trends which increased by 13%. Richard Willing, a reporter in USA's Washington bureau, got curious about these developments and decided to dig further. With TRAC data, Willing saw that FBI white-collar crime prosecutions were down by 41%, drug prosecutions by 45%, but national security was up by 300%. In his interviews for his front-page article, Willing talked with one public defender who felt the data showed the government was properly moving away from lesser crimes to focus on important ones. But a former New York Assistant U.S. Attorney argued the figures may show the Justice Department is padding its counts on terrorism cases.

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