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The Brownsville Herald
May 20, 2010

Court burdens increase as immigration and drug cases surge
By Jazmine Ulloa

Increasing numbers of immigration and drug prosecutions along the U.S Mexican border are causing unprecedented backlogs on the legal system. Jasmine Ulloa a reporter from the Brownsville Herald writes an article using TRAC reports from the first four months of FY 2010 and interviews legal analysts to review the numbers on drug cases in the border region and shows how immigration-related offenses have increased by almost a third from what they were a year ago and will continue to rise because of the federal government's initiatives to control violence in Mexico's drug war and Operation Streamline. "These are two different agendas that are in contradiction with each other given the number of limited resources. You just canít do everything," said Josiah Heyman, an anthropology professor and chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Texas at El Paso. "I think they have literally reached the point in a number of federal jurisdictions where they have run out of courtroom space and U.S.Marshals to keep order."

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