USA Today
April 9, 2001

With the approval of Congress and the Clinton Administration, the IRS currently has about a third fewer permanent employees than it did in 1988. But individual and business income tax return filings are up. At the same time, the agency has been devoting an increasing share of its shrinking resources to taxpayer services like providing information to confused taxpayers. The natural result of these varioius trends: less enforcement. Computer matching is down. Audits are down. Collection activities such as levies and seizures are down. Also substantially off are criminal indictments and civil filings against non-complying taxpayers. Reporter Jonathan Weisman, building on the wealth of enforcement and staffing information available on TRAC's IRS web site, conducted numerous interviews and put together an extensive and carefully documented USA Today "Cover story" about this important subject.



Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Syracuse University
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