Syracuse Post Standard
October 27, 2003

Fighting the war against terrorism is mostly seen as a national concern. But with its nuclear power plants, airports, a port on the Great Lakes and a border crossing 100 miles away, Chris Iven thought the people in Central New York also had significant local concerns. So, pulling county-by-county data from TRAC's Special Report on Department of Homeland Security (DHS), available on TRAC's public site, Iven took a careful look at what the war on terrorism meant to the region. One finding: paying the salaries of the 227 full-time DHS employees in the Syracuse-area counties cost $7.7 million a year, a total that worked out to about $10.49 per resident. In the period since August 25, 2003 when TRAC put up the special report, a number of other papers including the Washington Post, the Toledo Blade, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette also have published articles citing TRAC's online DHS staffing report

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Syracuse University
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