U.S. News & World Report
January 26, 2004

The federal government 's effort to prevent terrorism may well be one of the most difficult challenges in recent American history. And Attorney General John Ashcroft is a key player. Chitra Ragavan, along with Brian Duffy and Christopher H. Smith, outlined the complex administrative and political issues involved in directing the enforcement aspects of this effort in a special cover report focused on Ashcroft. A key question put to him was his view of a December 8, 2003 TRAC report on terrorism enforcement in the two years after 9/11/01. The report found that while more than 6,400 individuals had been targeted, only 184 had been convicted and five had received sentences of 20 years or more. The median sentence for convicted individuals identified as international terrorists was 24 days. Ashcroft said the effort was of high importance and that he would do anything to prevent further attacks.

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