The Miami Herald, The Wall Street Journal, and the San Antonio Express-News
July 26, 1999

With the support of both the Clinton White House and Congressional Republicans, funding for the Immigration and Naturalization Service has ballooned. Both parties also backed a toughening of the immigration laws. The result, documented on TRAC's INS web site, was a massive toughening in the federal effort against illegal immigrants. From 1992 to 1998, prosecutions recommended by the INS had doubled. During the same period, the median sentence resulting from an INS conviction had undergone a six-fold increase. On July 26, 1999, Andres Viglucci covered the story for the Herald, noting the curious fact that the national surge in immigration prosecutions had not been matched in the Southern District of Florida. Marjorie Valbrun did the story for the Wall Street Journal. The reporter at the San Antonio Express-News was Maro Robbins.


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