The Los Angeles Times
August 29, 1999

With the shootings in a high school in Colorado, a brokerage house in Atlanta and a Jewish community center in Los Angeles, federal gun control has become an important national issue. So when TRAC put up a new web site showing that ATF enforcement had dropped by more than a third during the Clinton years, reporters Eric Lichtblau and Matt Lait saw the news potential. With TRAC's ATF web site as their source for authoritative government data, Lichtblau in Washington and Lait in Los Angeles pressed federal and local officials for their explanations of why the ATF weapons effort was sharply down. Their article led the Times on Sunday, August 29, 1999. Other papers, like the Washington Post, also ran articles on the controversial ATF slump. In his state of the union message five months later, President Clinton called for a substantially enlarged federal weapons program to reduce the trade in illegal weapons.

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