Detroit News
November 2, 2003

The southeast corner of Michigan boasts one of the largest enclaves of Arabs and Muslims living in any where in the United States. And in the two years since 9/11/01, leaders of this community say its members have faced more suspicion and official scrutiny since Japanese Americans living on the west coast were interred during World War II. In the first of a three-day series, reporter John Bebow dug into court and Justice Department records to document the government's terrorism enforcement effort in the Detroit area. At the time of publication, Bebow found, prosecutors had proven terror connections against only three of the155 suspects who federal investigators recommended should face criminal charges. Very timely Justice Department data on TRACFED helped Bebow mine court records and conduct his interviews with federal prosecutors, criminal defense attorneys and community leaders.

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Syracuse University
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