The Boston Globe
November 16, 1999

Cleaning up the environment is a complex matter of central concern to many Americans. So David Armstrong's sweeping four-part series on environmental injustice looked at the issue from several different perspectives -- the federal government as polluter, toxic legacies around the world, the haphazard and often lax nature of environmental enforcement in the U.S., and a case in Massachusetts where E.P.A. enforcement went overboard. Armstrong's third front-page article in the series ran on November 16, 1999. It was based in part on his analysis of Justice Department data obtained by TRAC that documents a vast disparity of the prosecution of matters around the United States when one of 25 different statutes was the main charge. Federal officials in Maryland, for example, were found to have brought almost seven times more cases in relation to population in the past six years than those in Massachusetts.

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Syracuse University
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