L.A. Times--Corporate Scandals Bring Calls for Jail
July 09, 2002

2002's summer of big-name corporate scandals and bankruptcies prompted further examinations of how white-collar crime laws are enforced. While many Americans clamored for stricter sentences and jail-time to curb corporate abuses, Walter Hamilton of the L.A. Times examined the difficulties of putting white-collar criminals behind bars.

Using TRAC data, Hamilton illuminated a critical but inefficient link between the SEC —a lead agency in the investigation of certain kinds of business crimes—and the Justice Department attorneys who are responsible for prosecuting them. Hamilton discovered that of 523 cases referred by the SEC over the last decade, Justice Department attorneys declined to prosecute over half - 292. The L.A. Times article also cited TRAC when it focused on the notoriously short prison terms for white collar criminals.




Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Syracuse University
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