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TRAC Immigration Tools
TRAC's Immigration Project offers a variety of tools and applications to make the data we gather available in an understandable way to the American people, Congress, immigration groups and others.

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Deportation Proceedings (October 1992 through December 2015)
Deportation Outcomes (October 1998 through December 2015)
Prosecutor Discretion (September 2012 through December 2015)
Immigration Backlog (October 1998 through December 2015)
Immigration Court Time By Outcome (October 1998 through December 2015)
Immigration Court Time By Charge (October 1998 through December 2015)
Juveniles (October 2005 through December 2015)
Women with Children (July 2014 through December 2015)
Detention Facility Transfers (April 2007 through March 2008)
Detention Facility Departures (April 2007 through March 2008)
Immigration Judge Reports (October 1994 through June 2014)
U.S. Code (current fiscal year through November 2015)
TRAC Data Interpreter (October 1992 through November 2015)
TRACFED Data Warehouse and Access Tools (October 1986 through November 2015)
  • Express
    For a quick look at criminal enforcement by program, agency, lead charge, or overall.
  • Going Deeper
    Provides an in-depth view with a drill-down to specific case details.
  • Analyzer
    TRAC's most powerful customized data analysis tool.