Graphical Highlights
Statutes Most Frequently Charged in
Immigration Court FY 2004 - 2006

 Immigration Statutes (86.5%)
212(a)(06)(A)(i) Alien in U.S. without Admission or Parole (Entry Without Inspection)
237(a)(01)(B) Any Alien present in violation of the act
212(a)(07)(A)(i)(I) No valid immigrant visa
237(a)(01)(C)(i) Non-immigrant status violators. Any alien who was admitted as a non-immigrant and failed to maintain that status.
237(a)(01)(A) Inadmissible Aliens
212(a)(06)(C)(i) Fraud or willful misrepresentation to procure a visa, documentation or admission into the U.S.
 Criminal Statutes (13.1%)
237(a)(02)(A)(iii) Convicted of Aggravated Felony
212(a)(02)(A)(i)(I) Crimes involving moral turpitude
212(a)(02)(A)(i)(II) Controlled Substance Violation
237(a)(02)(B)(i) Controlled Substance Conviction
212(a)(02)(C) Controlled substance traffickers
237(a)(02)(E)(i) Convicted for crimes of Domestic Violence, Stalking, Child Abuse, child neglect, or child abandonment
 Miscellaneous Statutes (0.3%)
212(a)(04)(A) Any alien who is likely to become a public charge
212(a)(05)(A)(i) Failure to meet labor certification requirements
212(a)(01)(A)(i) Communicable Disease Of Public Health Significance
212(a)(04)(C) Family sponsored immigrants
212(a)(01)(A)(iv) Drug Abuser or Drug Addict
 National Security and Terrorism Statutes (0.01%)
212(a)(03)(A)(ii) Any other unlawful activity
212(a)(03)(A)(i) Security and Related Grounds. Any activity to violate any law relating to espionage or sabotage
237(a)(03)(B)(i) Any alien convicted under Sec. 266 of this Act of Sec. 36(c) of the Alien Registration Act
237(a)(04)(A)(i) Any alien who has engaged, is engaged, or at anytime after admission engages in Espionage, Sabotage, or tries to violate or evade any law prohibiting the export from the U.S. of goods, Technology or Other Sensitive Information
237(a)(04)(D) Participation in Nazi Persecution, Genocide or Commission of any Act of Torture or Extrajudicial Killing
237(a)(04)(B) Terrorists Activities
212(a)(03)(B)(i)(II) Likely to Engage in any Terrorist Activity

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