Appendix C



DISTRICT 1 char trac judicial district (abbreviated name)
FY 2 char trac fiscal year
CRILDCGE 3 char cri-imm lead charge (US Code title and section)
STATCODE 4 char trac lead charge (US Code title and section)
TOTCOUNT 5 char cri-only total number of counts
PROG 6 char trac Department of Justice program
PROGCAT 7 char cri-imm Department of Justice program category
AGPRIOR 8 char cri-only priority assigned referral
INVEAGEN 9 char cri-imm investigative agency making referral
PROGAGCY 10 char cri-only program agency
AUSA 11 char cri-imm initials of assistant U.S. attorney
MATTDT 12 char cri-trac date referral received
CASEDT 13 char cri-only date case filed
DEFDISDT 14 char cri-imm date referral disposed of
DEFDISP 15 char cri-trac disposition type
DEFDISRS 16 char cri-imm disposition reason
TDEC 17 numeric trac days from receipt to nonprosecution dec.
TFIL 18 numeric trac days from receipt to court filing
TCRT 19 numeric trac days from court filing to disposition
TPRO 20 numeric trac days from receipt to court disposition
REF 21 numeric trac referral for prosecution received
DIS 22 numeric trac referral disposed of
DEC 23 numeric trac not prosecuted
FIL 24 numeric trac prosecution filed
GUI 25 numeric trac convicted after prosecution
NGUI 26 numeric trac not guility after prosecution
PRI 27 numeric trac sentenced to prison term
SENTDATE 28 char cri-only date of sentencing
INCARC 29 char cri-only length of prison sentence
TIME 30 numeric trac length of prison sentence (months)
INCARCSU 31 char cri-only length of suspended prison sentence
PROBATIO 32 char cri-only length of probation sentence
PROB 33 numeric trac length of probation sentence (months)
FINEAMNT 34 char cri-only amount of fine
FINE 35 numeric trac amount of fine
FINESUSP 36 char cri-only amount of suspended fine
CRTTYPE 37 char cri-only court type
JDG 38 char cri-only initials of judge
LITRESP 39 char cri-only litigation responsibility
LITTYPE 40 char cri-only litigant type
OFFENSDT 41 char cri-only date of offense
ARRESDT 42 char cri-only date of arrest
COMPLDT 43 char cri-only date of complaint
DEFSTDT 44 char cri-only defendant status date
DEFSTAT 45 char cri-only defendant status
EVNTDATE 46 char cri-only date of event
EVNT 47 char cri-only event
EVNTACT 48 char cri-only event activity
ESTLOSS 49 char cri-only estimated loss from offense
BONDAMOU 50 char cri-only bond amount
BONDTYPE 51 char cri-only bond type
RRRDIST 52 char cri-imm U.S. Attorney Office code
DEFNUM 53 char cri-imm defendant number
DOJDIV 54 char cri-only Department of Justice division
ACCTREDT 55 char cri-only date referral received (accounting date)
ACCTFIDT 56 char cri-only date case filed (accounting date)
ACCTTEDT 57 char cri-only date referral disposed of (account date)
MRMF 58 char cri-trac matter flag: matter received
MRRF 59 char cri-trac record flag: matter received
MPMF 60 char cri-only matter flag: matter pending
MPRF 61 char cri-only record flag: matter pending
MTMF 62 char cri-trac matter flag: matter terminated
MTRF 63 char cri-trac record flag: matter terminated
CFCF 64 char cri-only case flag: case filed
CFRF 65 char cri-only record flag: case filed
CPCF 66 char cri-only case flag: case pending
CPRF 67 char cri-only record flag: case pending
CTCF 68 char cri-only case flag: case terminated
CTRF 69 char cri-only record flag: case terminated
CRICF 70 char cri-only case flag: criminal trial
CRIRF 71 char cri-only record flag: criminal trial
APPEAL 72 char trac court case appealed
APPEALTP 73 char cri-only type of court appeal
ICF 74 char cri-only case flag: indictment
IRF 75 char cri-only record flag: indictment
TBMF 76 char cri-only matter flag: no true bill returned
TBRF 77 char cri-only record flag: no true bill returned
SOURCE 78 char trac source of information
TOTSUSP 79 numeric imm-only total number of suspects (imm. declin.)
REASON2 80 char imm-only disposition reason (second)
REASON3 81 char imm-only disposition reason (third)

(Special Note: In general, a flag is a mark that the Justice Department adds to the information it receives from the U.S. Attorneys about the referrals they are processing. The purpose of the flag is to give the department a relatively easy way of counting the particular event or situation recorded in the information field where the flag was placed. One matter of interest to the Justice Department, for example, is the number of referrals that are resolved at trial during the current year. For referrals so processed, a code of "1" is added to the trial field; for all other situations it is left blank. The details about each of the individual Justice Department flags included in this file are described in the data dictionary.)