AGEREconomic Research Service
AGRSAgricultural Research Service
AGCCCommodity Credit Corporation/Agricultural Stabilization & Conservation Svc
AGFMFarmers Home Admin.
AGFO Food and Nutrition Service
AGFC Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
AGFS Forest Service
AGMC Marketing & Consumer Service
AGRE Rural Electrificiation Admin.
AGSC Soil Conservation Service
AGRI All Other Agriculture

CDAR Appalachian Regional Commission
CDBC Census Bureau
CDBSNational Bureau of Standards
CDEA Bureau of Economic Analysis
CDED Economic Development Admin.
CDES Environmental Science Service Admin.
CDIEBureau of Industrial Economics
CDITInternational Trade Admin.
CDMB Minority Business Development Agency
CDMD Minority Business Development Agency
CDMS Management Service Center
CDNTNational Technical Information Service
CDOANational Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin.
CDPT Patent Office
CDTT U.S. Travel and Tourism Admin.
CDOS All Other Commerce

DEAFAir Force
DEAXArmy Air Force Exchange Service
DEDSDefense Supply Agency
DEFA*DEFAS-Bankruptcy Payments Only
DEFB*DEFAS-Fraud Payments Only
DEFZ*Joint Defense/State or Local Task Force
DEIADefense Intelligence Agency
DEIG*Office of Inspector General
DEMCU.S. Marine Corps
DESADefense Security Assistance Agency
DEFEAll Other Defense

District of Columbia
WDMPMetropolitan Police Department
WDPWDepartment of Public Welfare
WDRLRedevelopment Land Agency
WDUCUnemployment Compensation Board
MPD1Metropolitan Police Department-1D
MPD2Metropolitan Police Department-2D
MPD3Metropolitan Police Department-3D
MPD4Metropolitan Police Department-4D
MPD5Metropolitan Police Department-5D
MPD6Metropolitan Police Department-6D
MPD7Metropolitan Police Department-7D
WDCAll Other District of Columbia

EDUCDepartment of Education

ENAE**Atomic Energy Commission
ENBP Bonneville Power Admin.
ENFP Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
ENID Department of Energy (Idaho)
ENOR Department of Energy (Oak Ridge)
ENER All Other Energy

Environmental Protection
ZEPAEnvironmental Protection
ZEPZ*Joint EPA/State or Local Task Force

Health and Human Service
HHAA*Administration on Aging
HHAC*Administration for Children and Families
HHCABureau of Health Care Delivery & Assist.
HHCD Center for Disease Control
HHCF Health Care Financing Admin.
HHCS Office of Community Services
HHDS** Human Development Services
HHFD Food & Drug Admin.
HHHP Bureau of Health Professions
HHIG Office of the Inspector General
HHNI National Institute of Health
HHPH Public Health Service
HHRS Health Resources Service Admin.
HHSS Social Security Admin.
HHSZ*Joint HHS/State or Local Task Force
HHS All Other HHS

Housing & Urban Development
HUFH Federal Housing Admin.
HUHA Housing Payments Assistance Admin.
HUSF Single Family Foreclosures
HUDZ*Joint HUD/State or Local Task Force
HUD All Other HUD

Independent Agencies
ZACE U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
ZACC U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Louisville(KY) District
ZACI U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Kansas City(MO) District
ZACK U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-St. Louis(MO) District
ZACP U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Fort Worth(TX) District
ZACTThe Federal Domestic Volunteer Agency (ACTION)
ZAID Agency for International Development
ZARC Architect of the Capitol
ZCFTCommodities & Futures Trading Commission
ZCIA Central Intelligence Agency
ZCPS Consumer Product Safety
ZCTS U.S. Courts
ZCUA National Credit Union Admin.
ZEEOEqual Employment Opportunity Commission
ZFCA Farm Credit Admin.
ZFCC Federal Communications Commission
ZFDI Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (Banks ONLY)
ZFDT Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (S&L's or "Thrifts" ONLY)
ZFEC Federal Elections Commission
ZFEM Federal Emergency Management Agency
ZFHL Office of Thrift Supervision
ZFMC Federal Maritime Commission
ZFRB Federal Reserve System
ZFSLFederal Savings and Loan Insurance Agency
ZFTC Federal Trade Commission
ZGAO General Accounting Office
ZGPO Government Printing Office
ZGPS Public Building Service
ZGSA General Services Admin.
ZGSF Federal Supply Service
ZGSN National Archives & Records Service
ZGSP Gen. Services Admin. (Presidential Comm.)
ZHOR U.S. House of Representatives
ZICC Interstate Commerce Commission
ZINA U.S. Information Agency
ZLOC Library of Congress
ZLRB National Labor Relations Board
ZMSP Merit System Protection Board
ZNAS NASA - Marshall Space Center
ZNAS National Aeronautics & Space Admin.
ZNEA National Endowment for the Arts
ZNRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission
ZNOH NASA - Lewis Research Center
ZNSF National Science Foundation
ZNTS National Transportation Safety Board
ZNVA NASA - Langley Research Center
ZOIC Overseas Private Investment Corporation
ZOPM Office of Personnel Management
ZPBG Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation
ZPPC National Capital Park and Planning Comm.
ZRRB Railroad Retirement Board
ZRTC Resolution Trust Corporation
ZSBA Small Business Admin.
ZSEC Securities & Exchange Commission
ZSEN United States Senate
ZSMI Smithsonian Institute
ZSSS Selective Service System
ZTVA Tennessee Valley Authority Commission

INBM Bureau of Mines
INBR Bureau of Reclamation
INFW Fish & Wildlife Service
INFZ*Joint Fish & Wildlife Service/State or Local Task Force
INGS Geological Survey
INIA Indian Affairs Bureau
INLM Land Management Bureau
INLZ Joint Bureau of Land Management/State or Local Task Force
INMM Minerals Management Service
INNH Navajo & Hopi Indian Relocation/non-fed. rest. ONLY
INNP National Park Service
INMR Office of Surface Mining and Reclamation
INSM Office of Surface Mining
INTE All Other Interior

DCMNDepartmental Case Management Numbering System
JUATAntitrust Division
JUBPBureau of Prisons
JUCICivil Division
JUCMCriminal Division
JUCRCivil Rights Division
JUDEDrug Enforcement Admin.
JUDZ*Joint DEA/State or Local Task Force
JUFBFederal Bureau of Investigation
JUFZ*Joint FBI/State or Local Task Force
JUINImmigration & Naturalization
JULDLands Division
JUMSU.S. Marshal's Service
JUMZ*Joint Marshal's/State or Local Task Force
JUOJOffice of Justice Programs
JUPIFederal Prisons Industries
JUSGSolicitor General
JUTRU.S. Trustees
JUTXTax Division
ZNTFNarcotics Task Force (Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force)
ZCIFCentral Intake Facility
JUSTAll Other Justice

LABL*ESA/Workers Comp. Program-Black Lung
LABZ*Joint Labor/State or Local Task Force
LAEC Employees Compensation Appeals Board
LAET Employment and Training Admin.
LALS Bureau of Labor Standards
LAMS Mine Safety and Health Admin.
LAOSOccupational Safety & Health Admin.
LAPB Pension and Welfare Benefits Admin.
LAVR Veterans Employment & Training
LAWP Employment Standards Admin. Wages/ Hour/Public Contracts Restitution Fund
LABO All Other Labor

Postal Service
PSUZ*Joint Postal Service/State or Local Task Force
PSUS U.S. Postal Service

State Department
SDAB**Agency for Internal Development
SDIBInternational Boundary and Water Comm.
SDIE**International Extradition
SDOSAll Other State Department

ZTATState/County/Municipal Authorities
ZTAZ*Joint State/Local Led Task Force

Transferring Districts [where another district is referral source]
ALN Alabama-Northern
ALM Alabama-Middle
ALS Alabama-Southern
AK Alaska
AZ Arizona
ARE Arkansas-Eastern
ARW Arkansas-Western
CAN California-Northern
CAE California-Eastern
CAC California-Central
CAS California-Southern
CD Canada
CO Colorado
CT Connecticut
DE Delaware
DC District of Columbia
FLN Florida-Northern
FLM Florida-Middle
FLS Florida-Southern
GAN Georgia-Northern
GAM Georgia-Middle
GAS Georgia-Southern
GU Guam
HI Hawaii
ID Idaho
ILN Illinois-Northern
ILS Illinois-Southern
ILC Illinois-Central
INN Indiana-Northern
SIN Indiana-Southern
IAN Iowa-Northern
IAS Iowa-Southern
KS Kansas
KYE Kentucky-Eastern
KYW Kentucky-Western
LAE Louisiana-Eastern
LAM Louisiana-Middle
LAW Louisiana-Western
ME Maine
MD Maryland
MA Massachusetts
MIE Michigan-Eastern
MIW Michigan-Western
MN Minnesota
MSN Mississippi-Northern
MSS Mississippi-Southern
MOE Missouri-Eastern
MOW Missouri-Western
MT Montana
NE Nebraska
NV Nevada
NH New Hampshire
NJ New Jersey
NM New Mexico
NMINorthern Mariana Islands
NYN New York-Northern
NYS New York-Southern
NYE New York-Eastern
NYW New York-Western
NCE North Carolina-Eastern
NCM North Carolina-Middle
NCW North Carolina-Western
ND North Dakota
OHN Ohio-Northern
OHS Ohio-Southern
OKN Oklahoma-Northern
OKE Oklahoma-Eastern
OKW Oklahoma-Western
OR Oregon
PAE Pennsylvania-Eastern
PAM Pennsylvania-Middle
PAW Pennsylvania-Western
PR Puerto Rico
RI Rhode Island
SC South Carolina
SD South Dakota
TNE Tennessee-Eastern
TNM Tennessee-Middle
TNW Tennessee-Western
TXN Texas-Northern
TXS Texas-Southern
TXE Texas-Eastern
TXW Texas-Western
UT Utah
VT Vermont
VI Virgin Islands
VAE Virginia-Eastern
VAW Virginia-Western
WAE Washington-Eastern
WAW Washington-Western
WVN West Virginia-Northern
WVS West Virginia-Southern
WIE Wisconsin-Eastern
WIW Wisconsin-Western
WY Wyoming
NMI Nothern Mariana Islands

TDAR**Alaska Railroad
TDCG Coast Guard
TDFH Federal Highway Admin.
TDFR Federal Railroad Admin.
TDFV Federal Aviation Admin.
TDMA Maritime Admin.
TDOZ*Joint Transportation/State or Local Task Force
TDTS**National Transportation Board
TDOT All Other Transportation

IRA**Alcohol Tax Unit
IRI**Income Tax Unit
IRSAll Internal Revenue
IRZ*Joint IRS/State or Local Task Force
TRAT Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
TRAZ*Joint ATF/State or Local Task Force
TRCB Customs Bureau
TRCC Comptroller of the Currency
TRCZ*Joint Customs/State or Local Task Force
TRDC Division of Check Claims
TRJF Treasury Department - Judgment Fund
TRSB Bureau of Public Debt, U.S. Savings Bond Division
TRSS Secret Service Bureau
TRSZ*Joint Secret Service/State or Local Task Force
TREA All Other Treasury

Veterans Administration
Major Offices:
VAVeterans Administration
VASPRegional Office and Insurance Center (CARS) St. Paul, Missesota
VATXData Processing Center-Austin, Texas
VAZZ*Joint VA/State or Local Task Force

Other VA Regional Offices

VRCSCalifornia/San Diego
VRIA Iowa/DesMonies
VRIL Illinois/Chicago
VRKS Kansas/Wichita
VRKY Kentucky/Louisville
VRMA Massachusetts/Boston
VRME Maine/Togus
VRMO Missouri/St.Louis
VRMS Mississippi/Jackson
VRNB New York/Buffalo
VRNE Nebraska/Lincoln
VRNY New York/New York
VRPH Pennsylvania/Philadelphia
VRPP Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh
VRPR Puerto Rico/Hato Rey
VRRI Rhode Island/Providence
VRSD South Dakota/Sioux Falls
VRSF California/San Francisco
VRTN Tennessee/Nashville
VRTW Texas/Waco
VRUT Utah/Salt Lake City
VRVA Virginia/Roanoke
VRWI Wisconsin/Milwaukee
VRWV West Virginia/Huntington

EXOMOffice of Management & Budget
EXWHEOP, Office of Admin.
variousOutside United States
OTHRNot Elsewhere Classified
????Not Specified

*Codes were added September 1995
**Codes were discontinued September 1995

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